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Trik Jumper LED Handphone Nokia (Nokia Light Solution)

Posted by trikponsel on January 20, 2010

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Naah.. Ini ada satu lagi trik dari TRIKPONSEL. Salah satu kasus yang sering terjadi juga khususnya untuk handphone Nokia yaitu mati lampu. Handphone nyala tapi mati lampu, baik lampu pada layar atau LCD atau lampu pada keypad.
Ada 50 gambar nokia light solution di sana. Pokoknya komplit deeh.. Berikut contoh2nya :
1100 lights driver.JPG
1110-1600 LCD Light solution.jpg
1200 light solution.JPG
1200 Light solution2.JPG
1200 light3.JPG
1200 light4.JPG
1200 light5.JPG
1200 light6.JPG
2300 back light.JPG
2600 Light not working.jpg
2610 light solution.jpg
2630 light solution.jpg
2630 light.jpg
2670 2660 display light.jpg
3100-6100-Led-solution .jpg
3220 led problem.JPG
3220 led solution.JPG
3230 display & light solution.JPG
3650-60 led lcd mati.jpg
5200 .jpg
6020 leds.jpg
6030 light track.JPG
6070 no lcd light.jpg
6170-7270 LCDLIGHT.jpg
6220 no light.jpg
6230 display light.jpg
6233 LED.jpg
6233 Led solution.jpg
6270 led solution.jpg
6270 light.jpg
6300 LCD light.jpg
6600 display light not working.jpg
6610-7210 led solution.jpg
6630 no light.JPG
6680 display led.jpg
8800 light.JPG
N70 display led problem.jpg
N70 Light Problem 1.jpg
N95 display_light_2.jpg
n95 displaylight.jpg
nokia liGHT WAYES.jpg
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Download Nokia Light Solution 

Nexian G900 Charger Tracks Jumper Tricks

Long times not updated.. I'm apologize for that.. I hope you like this post..

Click on the picture to see the real size, and right click than save image to download

Nokia 2700c SIM Card Reader Ways

Nokia 2700c Sim Card Reader PCB Tracks

Click on the picture for real size or save the image.

Nokia 1202 & 1203 LCD Track Ways

Picture : Nokia 1202 And Nokia 1203 LCD Jumper Tricks For LCD Broken Pads
Click on the picture to save or view on the real size.
Visit my wordpress too : http://trikponsel.wordpress.com/

Nokia 6120c Keypad Jumper Tricks

Nokia 6120c Keypad Jumper Tricks. 6120c Hang keypad repair solution. Nokia 6120 Keypad Tracks.

Click on the picture to save or see the real size picture.

Nokia N-Gage Classic Keypad Repair Solution

Nokia N-Gage. The old phone with a charismatic performance. Game Lover Phone. May be you still need this repair solution. Here is Nokia N-Gage Keypad Tracks Ways.

Click on the picture to save or view in the original picture size.

Nokia N70 Short Circuit Service Solution

Nokia N70 Short Circuit Repair Solution, Follow this thread step by step :
  1. Take out Z7500 (No.1) to cut off current to VBatt ke PA. If not short circuit, its means PA is broken.
  2. Take out L7503 (No.2) to cut current to VBatt to RF IC (HINKU/VINKU). If not short circuit, RF IC is broken.
  3. Take coil L1474 (No.3) to cut current VBatt to LED Driver N1471. If not short circuit, change LED driver IC.
  4. Take out L4201 to cut Vbatt to IC SMPS N4200. If you take out this coil and your phone not short circuit, its means IC SMPS N4200 was broken. Don'nt change IC N4200, Just make a jumper VCore to VCoreA.
  5. Take out IC N4201, APE Regulator (No.5). If not short anymore, its means IC N4201 was broken. Just throw away IC N4201 and maje a jumper VIO to VDDR_APE.
  6. Take out LED Driver N2301 (No.6) to cut VBatt to IC N2301. If not short circuit anymore, change with the new one.
  7. Take out IC Front Camera N1472 (No.7), if not short anymore its means this IC was broken.
  8. Take out IC N1470 & N7505 (No.8), If not short anymore. Change it.
  9. Take out Bluetooth Module. If not short. Change this IC
Good Luck..

Nokia 6300 On/Off Switch Track Way

I think that's not no need further explanation. And I hope it's helpful..

Click to the picture to save or to view on the real size.

Nokia 1202 & 1661 SIM Repair Solution

Nokia 1202 & 1661 SIM Card Track Ways / Jumper Tricks
Click on the picture to save or view the real size.

Service Solution : Nokia 5130 Xpress Music

Nokia Express Music Component Views, Component Placement, PCB Views

Please Click on the picture to save or view the real picture.

Nokia N97 No Ringtones Jumper Tricks (Buzzer Problem Solution)

This post I hope can help you in solved your buzzer problem or no ring tones problem.
Please follow steps on the picture.
1. Make sure buzzer is OK
2. Make sure buzzer pad no problem
3. Check L2151, L2161, L2162 and L2153
4. Change buzzer driver N2150 if necessary.
Be careful.. Use this thread on your own risk, but this thread is 100% valid.
Please click on the picture for good picture or save it.

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